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Acne Scar

Acne, especially if moderate to severe, can leave unsightly marks on the skin. Some will improve or disappear with time, however depressed or keloid scars tend to stay. It is important to have established satisfactory control of the acne, before beginning to treat acne scars. Listed below are characteristics of different types of acne scars and their suitable treatment options.

Treatment of brown or red pigmentation marks
Laser facial treatments which include both pigment and vascular lasers decrease the pigmentation and redness, also gently improving the skin texture
Pulsed Dye Laser treatments effectively improve red acne marks, especially if these are new.
AHA (glycolic) treatments can even out overall skin tone and reduce the appearance of red or brown pigmentation marks.

Treatment of raised or keloid acne scars
Corticosteroid injections gently smoothen the skin surface, reducing raised scars.
Pulsed Dye Laser treatments reduce the redness.

Treatment of depressed acne scars
Surgical scar revisions can be useful for certain types of depressed scars.
Injections of filler materials into the scars, such as hyaluronic acid, can even out the skin surface of depressed acne scars.
Fractional laser treatment like Fraxel, Fractional Co2 laser, Picosure can remove old, scarred tissue and stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin.
Laser facial treatments can stimulate the production of collagen inside the skin and improving acne scars.