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Subcision for Acne Scar

Nokor needle

When it comes to acne scars, there are a variety of types that can appear on the skin. One common type of acne scar is the rolling scar, which has a concave-convex appearance with a wave-like shape. This type of scar is caused by the proliferation of fibrous tissue in the real skin layer due to serious inflammation during an acne breakout. The fibrous tissue generates a pulling force, which causes the skin to become depressed, resulting in the rolling scar.

Fortunately, there is a treatment called Subcision that can effectively improve the shape of a rolling acne scar. This procedure involves using a Nokor needle to remove the pulled fibrous tissue before laser treatment. At our center, we use the Nokor needle for treatment, which cuts through the fibrous tissue and brings the depressed scars back to the surface level. After the Subcision procedure, there may be some bruising, which typically fades within a few days.

To achieve an even better outcome, supplementary Fraxel or Fractional Co2 laser treatment can be used after Subcision. These laser treatments can further improve the appearance of the scar by stimulating collagen production and helping to smooth out the skin.

It’s important to note that the success of Subcision treatment for rolling acne scars may vary depending on the severity of the scars, as well as other individual factors. It’s always best to consult with a trained dermatologist or skin care specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.

Overall, if you’re dealing with rolling acne scars, don’t lose hope. With the right treatment plan, it’s possible to achieve smoother, more even-looking skin. Subcision under Nokor needle is just one option that can help you achieve your desired results.