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Laser Facial


laser rejuvenation

This is a whole-face laser skin treatment in which the our doctor selects a combination of light-based devices- according to the your needs and your current skin status – to improve both the complexion (color) and the texture of the skin at the same time. The complexion will be more even and the texture more supple and smooth.

Our Skin Centre utilizes different laser systems for laser facial and rejuvenation: Cynosure PicoSure which is a 755 picosecond laser, AMI Q-Master Plus which is a multiple wavelength laser platform, using Long pulse 1064nm and Q-Switched 532/585/650/1064nm wavelength, AND Candela-Syneron VBeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser which is a long pulse pulsed dye 595nm laser targeting at blood vessels.

These laser systems are gentle laser which can improve the skin fundamentally. Our experienced doctor will choose the most appropriate wavelength, pulse duration and fluence for your skin problems, making the skin tone and texture better at the same time.

Laser facial (laser skin treatment) is suitable for:

  • easy redness or rosacea skin type
  • pigmentation (eg freckles, lentigines)
  • whitening
  • uneven skin tone
  • acne red spot
  • fine lines and pores
  • different body areas including face, neck, decolletage, arm, palm

Different wavelengths target at different skin problems:

Benefits for laser facial (laser skin treatment):

  • Minimal downtime, can go back to work immediately
  • Cheaper than fractional laser
  • No broken skin or bruising
  • More comfortable than some other laser
  • Combining photoacoustic and photothermal mechanims, good collagen stimulation effect with supportive medical evidence