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Thinning Lips

thinning lip

With time, our lips lose some of their youthful fullness. Lips become thinner, more lined and ultimately, less luscious. “Lipstick bleeding” happens when there is a loss of volume around the lip border. Vertical lines are also common around the lips, and are often referred to as “smoker’s lines” though they can occur to everyone, and not just smokers.

Upper Lip Lines
Hyaluronic acid gel (Juvederm) can be used to restore the natural contour and softness of your lips, and often makes one look more relaxed, or less “tight-lipped”.

Hyaluronic acid gel usually lasts for 6-12 months and allows total flexibility. The choice is yours:
Just a touch of volume to give some softness to the lips and reduce lip lines and dryness
Better defined and sculpted lip borders
Fuller, more sensual lips
Correct asymmetry of lips
Reduce “smoker’s lines”
Give support to drooping mouth corners

“Smoker’s Lines”
These pesky vertical lines around the lips are due to a loss of supportive tissue around the mouth and in some cases are contributed to by the age-related shrinking of lips. During early stages these lines only show up when lips are pursed; i.e. when pronouncing the letters “o”, “q” and “u”. With time, these lines become etched into the skin. Botox is useful at early stages as it reduces the strength of the lip-pursing muscle, in turn delaying the onset of permanent lines.
If creases are already set in the skin, these can be improved by Hyaluronic Acid Filler or Fraxel® Resurfacing.