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Introfill Injection


Introfill is an injection device that uses electrical means to inject hyaluronic acid or drugs directly into the dermis through multiple thin needles. 

We use Introfill injector, each injection will have 9 needles at the same time to inject hyaluronic acid into the dermis. The Introfill injector can adjust the depth and dosage of each injection, so the amount and coverage are more accurate than manual injection. The amount of skin booster injected can be controlled precisely, and the depth of injection is from 0.5 to 3mm. 

What are the different kinds of skin boosters that can be injected:

What is the effect of the Introfill injection?

When the skin ages, the skin will be more dry and the fine lines will be more obvious. The Introfill injection injects selected skin booster into the bottom layer of the skin, which can lock and store water, and improve skin dryness and fine lines.

What are the risks and side effects of the Introfill injection? 

Introfill injection is an invasive injection, which may cause redness, swelling, inflammation, skin allergy and pigment changes. Consult a doctor before receiving the treatment.

What is the process of the Introfill injection treatment?

Anesthetic cream will be applied before injection to reduce the discomfort during injection. Then, use the Introfill injector with vacuum suction technology to suck up the skin to fix the treatment position, and then inject hyaluronic acid into the skin at a specified depth with 9 needles. During the injection, you will feel a slight tingling and there will be injection points on the skin. Skin will have slight bleeding and redness during the course of treatment, which is normal.

Are there any side effects after the treatment?

After the treatment, the skin will be slightly red, and it will gradually subside within a few days.

What are post-treatment instructions?

  1. After the treatment, there will be fine needle holes in the skin. Care must be taken to clean the skin to avoid infection.
  2. Also avoid using irritating products such as whitening cream, scrub, acid, etc.
  3. Within a week after treatment, you should have adequate sun protection to avoid pigmentation problems

How many sessions of Introfill treatment do I need to take?

Usually once a month, a total of three to six times for a whole treatment course. The doctor will adjust the effective number of treatments according to the patient’s skin condition. The effect of the treatment course can generally be maintained for 3-4 months. Because the injected hyaluronic acid will be gradually absorbed by the body, it is necessary to do touch-up regularly.

Who are suitable candidates for Introfill injection?

Introfill injection is especially suitable for people who have long-term dehydration and dry skin, need to moisturize, dull or yellowish skin tone and, and those who have fine wrinkles.

Who are not suitable for Introfill injection?

  1. Allergic to anaesthetic cream
  2. Allergic to hyaluronic acid 
  3. Immune system disorder
  4. Cancer or systemic disease
  5. Blood coagulation problems