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How Are “Beauty Witches” Created?


“Beauty witches” refer to beautiful mature women over the age of 35 who have mastered the art of youth preservation and can make people unable to guess their true age. Genetic factors are of course very important, but environmental factors are also essential. Studies have found that many environmental factors can severely affect skin aging.

This study used the characteristic of identical twins with the same genes to analyze which factors affect a person’s external age. The study used a questionnaire to interview 186 pairs of identical twins, and their photos were evaluated by independent individuals to compare the differences in their external age. The study found that taking anti-depressants, divorce, and other factors can accelerate skin aging. Skin aging can be imagined as follows: genes have predetermined patterns that determine the speed of skin aging, and external factors can accelerate or slow down its speed.

The study showed that divorced people look two years older or more than those with spouses, singles, or widowed. People taking anti-depressants look significantly older than those who do not. The common factor between divorce and taking anti-depressants is stress, which accelerates aging, and this is not a new discovery, but this study clearly shows its power. Researchers also suspect that anti-depressants can make facial muscle relaxation more serious.

Other important factors include weight, smoking, alcohol consumption, and ultraviolet rays. Many people think that the thinner they are, the younger they look. The study used BMI as an indicator and found that before the age of 40, heavier people look older, but after the age of 40, heavier people look younger! (Doctor, you still have a few years left, hurry up and gain weight!) Smoking definitely accelerates the speed of skin aging. A ten-year history of smoking can make the skin age 2.5 years more! In addition, ultraviolet rays and alcohol accelerate skin aging, and everyone should try to avoid them.

This study not only helps us understand more factors that affect skin aging but also helps us study how to slow down the speed of aging. To become a “beauty witch”, good genetic factors are certainly essential, but these are beyond our control. Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain physical and mental health, avoid smoking, drinking, and do a good job of sun protection. Although we cannot avoid natural aging, medical cosmetic treatments can help us slow down the speed of aging!

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