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Dark Circle (3)


In the previous section, we discussed using concealer to deal with dark circles, but I know many of you are looking for a more thorough solution! Like treating other skin problems, treating dark circles requires targeted approaches. As previously mentioned, there are four types of dark circles: genetic, vascular, pigmented, and structural. I will analyze each type one by one.

Firstly, genetic dark circles are caused by thin skin. There aren’t many ways to improve this, and some doctors may recommend using fractional laser to thicken the skin layer, making the purple-blue muscles under the skin less visible. However, the results are usually not significant. Some doctors also advocate injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin to increase the thickness of the dermis layer, but the effect is usually not long-lasting, and most people only see results for one or two months.

Secondly, vascular dark circles are mainly caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes. Improving blood flow in the eye area is crucial. If you have allergic rhinitis, it should be treated, and lifestyle habits should be improved, such as getting enough sleep. Regular eye massages and applying eye cream containing vitamin K can also help. Doctors can also use lasers to treat blood vessels, such as pulse dye laser, to improve blood vessel problems.

Thirdly, for pigmented dark circles, it is necessary to pay attention to the cause of pigmentation. If it is caused by eczema, you should use medication to control it. If it is caused by ultraviolet rays, you can use products that reduce black pigments, such as arbutin, kojic acid, and quinic acid. Instrumentally, a 1064nm wavelength laser can gradually reduce pigmentation. In terms of prevention, appropriate use of eye sunscreen and wearing sunglasses can greatly reduce the chance of pigmentation.

The last type is structural, which is caused by relative depression of the lower eye area, resulting in shadows. This is a more manageable type. The treatment method is to fill the depression with a filler. However, you should be careful when filling this position because the skin layer is thinner. If not done properly, it can result in a “grainy” appearance and a counterproductive swelling effect. Therefore, it is important to find an experienced doctor.

After reading so many treatment suggestions, you may understand why even famous foreign doctors recommend using concealer to deal with dark circles! Although dark circles are stubborn, targeted treatment can improve them to a certain extent.