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Dark Circle (2)


When everyone knows the cause of dark circles, they can guess how to handle it! Here, I’ll share some non-therapeutic treatment methods before discussing therapeutic ones.

First, I want to share an interesting experience with you. Once at an international conference in Shanghai, there was a talk on treating dark circles by a doctor from Singapore. He jokingly said, “If a woman says she has dark circles, shine a light directly on her face, and the dark circles will disappear!” Of course, if you shine light above the forehead, anyone will have a shadow under the eyes. But this isn’t a true dark circle. A true dark circle can be seen regardless of any light source.

That day, the speaker also shared methods for treating dark circles. He said that 99% of women have a very effective way to improve or even eliminate dark circles instantly: using concealer! Don’t be disappointed so quickly; please read on. This is a more direct, inexpensive, and effective method. But choosing a concealer can be tricky.

When choosing a concealer, you should match the product’s color with your skin tone. Asians with yellowish skin tones should choose colors with a slight yellowish tint and avoid using overly white shades, as white concealer on dark circles can create gray shadows.

Additionally, it’s recommended to buy two shades of concealer: one that matches your skin tone and another that’s one shade lighter, which can help enhance facial contours. You also need to prepare two different types of concealers based on your skin type or needs: a moisturizing one and a powder one. When the skin is dry, using a powder concealer can easily cause fine lines or cracks, so a more moisturizing one should be used. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you should use a powder concealer because a more oily texture is difficult to adhere to these areas.

Controlling the amount of concealer is also crucial. Many people are afraid of not being able to cover it completely, so they apply a thick layer of concealer, making their makeup look abrupt. In fact, the difference between concealer and foundation is that its density is higher, so applying a thin layer is enough, and use your fingers to carefully blend it in. Applying too much will only make things worse.

Lastly, the application method is also important. Avoid applying directly to dark circles or eye bags, as it can make them look worse. Instead, apply it to the skin on the edge of the eye circle and eye bag, and gently push it open to keep the skin color similar. For pimples, acne, or redness, lightly apply it on top.

If you want to know more about how to use concealer, you need to consult a professional makeup artist. Next, let’s focus on medical treatments. Keep reading, everyone!