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Most Anticipated Treatment in 2016


Introfill, HIFU, and pico laser were among the popular treatments in 2015-2016, but what I am most excited about is a new drug called Kybella.

In April 2015, Kybella was approved by the FDA for improving excessive submental fat (known as “double chin”). The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally produced by the human body to aid in the digestion and absorption of fat. When injected directly into the fat layer, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells, allowing the body to absorb the fat and reduce localized fat. Clinical studies have shown that up to six injections at one-month intervals can significantly reduce fat in the submental area.

Traditionally, liposuction has been used to treat “double chin,” but it carries risks and requires a longer recovery period. Kybella offers a non-surgical alternative with a shorter recovery time and similar results. However, readers may have questions about the treatment’s frequency, side effects, duration of effectiveness, and injection sites.

The recommended treatment frequency is once a month for up to six sessions, with 10 to 20 injections per session. The effects of Kybella become noticeable after two to three injections. Kybella is only approved by the FDA for use on the submental area and is not recommended for other body areas. Common side effects include redness, swelling, pain, bruising, and numbness at the injection site. More serious side effects include difficulty swallowing and temporary facial muscle paralysis that can affect smiling. The duration of Kybella’s effects is believed to be several years, but sufficient data is not yet available, and it is unclear if further injections will be required.

Kybella is not yet registered for use in Hong Kong, and it is unknown if it will be launched in 2016. However, the breakthrough treatment is expected to generate a lot of buzz and excitement, and many people are eagerly anticipating its arrival.