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Aging Hands

aging hands

As we get older, our hands gradually show the following changes:
Loss of “substance” – the skin becomes thinned and the hands lose their plumpness with more show of tendons, veins and bones.
Uneven pigmentation – brown spots (sun-spots), especially if the hands have had a lot of sun exposure in the past.

With advancements in technology, the rejuvenation of the appearance of hands is now possible. Brown spots can be removed with lasers, and hyaluronic acid gel injections help to restore the plumpness of the hands and suppleness of the skin.

Skin Tips:
As ultraviolet light accelerates skin aging, remember to protect your hands from the sun. Use an inexpensive sunscreen as hand cream when you are outdoors. Consider putting on gloves when driving during sunny periods, as ultraviolet light can penetrate glass. A prescription strength retinol or glycolic acid cream can help improve fine lines and firmness.