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Connection Between Diet and Acne (2)


Many people believe that “heaty” foods are the cause of acne, and they may assume that any pimples on their face are due to dietary problems. However, even those who consume a light diet may still suffer from acne. Is there a relationship between food and acne?

First, let me share my personal experience. I rarely have acne, but whenever I eat at a certain large chain Western fast-food restaurant, I would develop one or two pimples within a day or two. It’s a consistent pattern that suggests a correlation. Of course, I won’t rely solely on my own experience to analyze this topic. Here, I would like to share some objective research findings.

If I were to say that there is definitely no relationship between food and acne (which has been a view held by the Western medical community for many years), would you believe me? Food has a close relationship with many diseases, such as allergic reactions, skin problems (due to excessive or insufficient intake of certain nutrients), cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Ultimately, when food enters the body and undergoes digestion and absorption, the body will react accordingly. Currently, more people are talking about the glycemic index, which is an index that reflects how much a food increases blood sugar during the digestive process. Long-term consumption of high glycemic index foods can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. The relationship between food and disease is inseparable.

If food can indeed affect acne, what kind of food is the culprit? Are “heaty” foods to blame? What does “heatiness” mean in the context of Western medicine? Let’s explore further.