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Beauty Tips for Brides- How to Get Perfect Skin for Your Wedding Day (1)


Recently, I am preparing to attend several weddings, and the brides are asking me, a medical aesthetician, how to present themselves at their best on the big day.

Preparing for a wedding is undoubtedly busy, but many brides only start to take care of their skin two to three months before the wedding. To achieve the best and fastest results, we need to put in some extra effort.

As the wedding day approaches, many brides may find that acne, dark circles, and other problems that have disappeared for years suddenly erupt. This is understandable as the stress of wedding planning can cause skin problems. Brides should take care of these problems early to be the most beautiful bride.

There are six skin problems that brides are particularly concerned about, and I will analyze them one by one. The first is uneven skin tone, spots, and moles. Freckles, hormonal spots, sunspots, and moles can make the skin look imperfect. To solve these problems, laser treatment or whitening treatment should be done three to six months in advance. Laser treatment with a 755nm wavelength can effectively remove spots and requires three to six monthly sessions. Carbon dioxide laser treatment can remove moles, and it is necessary to do it once a month until it disappears completely. Whitening skincare products need to be used for three to six months to effectively improve uneven skin tone and hormonal spots.

The second problem is wrinkles. As collagen in the skin gradually decreases, fine lines and dynamic wrinkles will form. These wrinkles can make brides look tired. To improve fine lines, segmented laser treatment such as 1550/1927nm wavelength laser can stimulate collagen production and fill the gap caused by fine lines. The treatment generally requires monthly sessions, and it may take three to six sessions to see the effect. As for dynamic wrinkles, consider injecting botulinum toxin, which usually takes about a week to see the effect.

Remember to follow the doctor’s instructions for all treatments to achieve the best results. In the next article, I will continue to analyze other common skin problems of brides and their treatment methods.