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New Trend for Medical Cosmetics (3)

combination therapy

Combination therapy can enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce side effects. Clinical evaluation is essential before treatment.

There is a strange phenomenon in the medical aesthetics industry, where almost all companies promote package deals to attract customers, and some customers even purchase “tailor-made” treatment packages without proper evaluation. Since it is a medical treatment, why should treatment be performed without evaluation or diagnosis? All medical aesthetic treatments should be evaluated by a doctor for the condition and needs of the skin, and the appropriate treatment should be recommended. In the past, medical aesthetic evaluations were generally simple. The doctor would ask the patient what they wanted to improve, and then recommend a method. For example, if the patient wanted to improve laugh lines, the doctor would recommend hyaluronic acid injections; if the patient wanted to improve the problem of square face, the doctor would recommend botulinum toxin injections. It seems that medical aesthetics is so simple.

In recent years, the development of medical aesthetics has gradually become more specialized. Before receiving treatment, doctors will conduct a comprehensive assessment for the patient, taking into consideration factors such as physical condition, skin problems, and facial contours. The essence of medical aesthetics is that every skin problem is interrelated, and it is not simply a matter of filling in wrinkles or depressions. For example, dark circles can be caused by excessive pigmentation of the eyelid skin, poor blood circulation due to nasal sensitivity, and loss of collagen causing tear trough depression. These factors can also affect other facial tissues. The doctor will combine the overall physical condition and skin problems, analyze the reasons for the occurrence of skin problems, and then provide targeted treatment. The lack of comprehensive evaluation will result in ineffective treatment or even more serious skin problems.

A comprehensive evaluation is a systematic assessment, in which each patient is evaluated in every aspect of skin quality, type, and problems, and then some conclusions and recommendations are drawn. Recommendations can include different treatments, prevention, and product use. Different treatments have different effects, and the doctor will recommend the treatment with the highest cost-benefit ratio, so that patients can save money and achieve the best results.

I do not understand why some medical aesthetic companies recommend a series of medical treatments to customers without doctor evaluation, and why some people do not understand their skin condition and needs before purchasing a series of treatments. With the continuous development of medical aesthetics, these phenomena should become less common.