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Ge Shan Da Niu


“Ge Shan Da Niu” is a legendary martial arts technique in China that allows one to attack and knock down an opponent from a distance using only their fists or palms. A similar concept exists in cosmetic medicine, with clinical studies supporting its effectiveness.

Skin aging is a complex issue, and not only does the skin undergo changes, but the fat layer, muscles, and bones as well. To achieve a more youthful appearance through injection treatments, it is essential to understand these changes. One of the most noticeable changes is mid-face volume loss.

Mid-face volume loss causes the cheeks to lose support and become saggy, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging in the chin and mouth areas. Mid-face volume loss also affects the eye socket tissues, leading to the development of eye bags and tear troughs. Injectable fillers are an effective and long-lasting solution to achieve a more youthful look.

In the past, doctors would inject fillers directly into problem areas such as wrinkles or corners of the mouth. However, a more three-dimensional approach is now preferred, somewhat reminiscent of “Ge Shan Da Niu.” In one study, researchers used three injection methods to improve wrinkles – direct injection, cheek injection, and a combination of the two. Many people assume that direct injection into wrinkles is the best method, but research shows that there is no difference in the results obtained from direct injection and cheek injection. However, cheek injection also improves mid-face volume loss, with fewer side effects. Cheek injection not only improves the cheeks and wrinkles but also improves tear troughs, corners of the mouth, and chin issues. These changes are not due to direct injection, but rather subtle changes in the subcutaneous fat pad and fixed ligaments. Studies have found that deep injections have a longer-lasting effect than the filler itself. Scholars speculate that this may be due to the activation of stem cells in the deep fat, leading to an increase in soft tissue.

Currently, doctors have a better understanding of skin aging, and improving mid-face volume loss is crucial in providing the necessary support and improvement to other parts of the face. This is similar to the idea behind “Ge Shan Da Niu” in Chinese martial arts!