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More About Thermage CPT


Recently, many people have been inquiring about Thermage® radiofrequency, and I am here to introduce this treatment and answer readers’ questions. Simply put, this is a monopolar radiofrequency technology that can tighten tissue and accelerate collagen production. The results of a single treatment can last for two to three years.

Thermage® was first developed in 2002 and has since developed to its third generation. After two generations of improvement, the third generation is called Thermage® CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology). The third-generation head is specially designed to emit vibrations. As the name suggests, CPT is more comfortable than the first and second generations, reducing the pain during the process. The new technology greatly reduces the risk of burns and significantly shortens the treatment time. In the past, some customers have said that if giving birth is equivalent to level ten pain, then Thermage is level nine! The pain of the new generation of CPT has been greatly reduced, and most customers can accept this treatment.

What makes Thermage® different from other monopolar radiofrequency treatments is its unique head. The Thermage® CPT head is connected to a cryogen coolant, which can keep the temperature of the epidermis at around 40 degrees while heating the dermis to over 60 degrees. The smart part of the Thermage® CPT head is that it can detect the temperature and contact of the skin. If the contact is poor or the skin temperature is too high, it will not release energy. If the skin does not reach the appropriate treatment temperature, collagen will not contract. If the skin is overheated, there is a chance of causing epidermal burns, blisters, pigment changes, etc., so temperature control is essential.

Thermage® CPT is effective for mild to moderate laxity. It can improve loose skin on the face, bags under the eyes, loose skin on the upper eyelids, and even other loose areas (such as the abdomen). Different areas require different heads, and the head for the face is also divided into 600 shots (REPS) and 900 shots (REPS) depending on the treatment area. The doctor will discuss with the customer the required number of treatments to achieve the expected results.

During treatment, customers feel cold, heat, and vibration. Doctors usually recommend taking painkillers before treatment to reduce pain. After treatment, the face will be red, swollen, and painful, which usually disappears after one to two days. The increase in collagen production takes two to six months to complete.

The principle of Thermage® CPT is different from that of lasers, and the applicable range is also different. Lasers are mainly used to treat the surface layer of the skin. If people with dark skin use lasers, there may be darkening. Thermage® CPT can protect the surface layer of the skin and treat deeper tissues, suitable for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types. Unlike lasers, the current of monopolar radiofrequency passes through the returning pad in the body to complete the circuit, so if the body has an implanted pacemaker, implanted cardiac defibrillator (IC), or any other electronic implant device, Thermage® should not be performed.

If you are considering whether to undergo Thermage® CPT treatment, you must consult a doctor first.