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Monopolar Radiofrequency


As we age, our skin loses collagen due to factors such as UV rays and stress, leading to issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and eye bags. Women are especially concerned about these problems, and there are many beauty treatments available claiming to increase collagen and improve skin elasticity. However, there are only a few medical beauty treatments backed by medical research and approved by the FDA, and one of them is monopolar radiofrequency (RF) therapy.

RF therapy can be divided into monopolar and bipolar types. Monopolar RF works by passing a current from a generator through a single electrode (head) to the tip of the head. The electric field vibrates millions of times per second, heating the dermis and stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen. The dermis is heated to 50-60 degrees Celsius, but the surface is protected by freezing technology to prevent heat damage to the epidermis.

The latest monopolar RF probe is called the Thermage Total Tip. Previously, different probes were required for different parts of the body, but recent research has found that the Total Tip can be used to treat the face, neck, and other parts of the body. The heating effect of Total Tip on the face is twice that of the previous probes, and the immediate effects after treatment are more pronounced. Compared to the old probes, the new probe can be used on the face, neck, arms, and abdomen to reduce sagging skin and wrinkles, hence its name “Total Tip” for a total body solution.

However, Total Tip cannot be used on the skin around the eyes. Additionally, for large areas such as the abdomen and buttocks, a larger probe is recommended for faster and more efficient treatment. Total Tip is currently available in 900-shot and 1200-shot versions, and for smaller areas such as the lower half of the face, a traditional 600-shot probe is also available at a lower price.

Monopolar RF therapy is more effective than bipolar RF in improving skin laxity and the results are long-lasting. However, to achieve the best results, it is recommended to consult your doctor on whether other types of treatments need to be combined with monopolar RF therapy.