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Fractional Laser (1)


With the advancement of technology, there are many methods to treat skin problems. You may have come across the term “fractional laser” in magazines or newspapers. What is it? Laser is laser, so why divide it into sections? What are the benefits of fractional lasers? To understand the mystery, you need to understand what is traditional non-fractional ablative laser.

The traditional non-fractional ablative Co2 laser was originally used to improve pores, irregularities, and scars. The principle of this powerful laser is to vaporize the problematic skin and scar tissue, allowing the dermis to regenerate and produce new skin and collagen, achieving a thorough skin rejuvenation. This type of laser is undoubtedly the most powerful skin rejuvenation laser, with more noticeable effects than non-ablative or fractional lasers. However, this laser can cause deep wounds and a long recovery period (which can last for a month or more). It is reported that in areas with a higher population of Oriental or yellow-skinned people, there is a higher risk of skin pigmentation and scarring after the treatment. Therefore, today we use non-ablative fractional lasers, which can reduce the side effects caused by traditional lasers.

You may still be confused by these technical terms and classifications. Here are the four categories of skin rejuvenation lasers:

  1. Traditional non-fractional Co2 laser
  2. Fractional ablative laser
  3. Fractional non-ablative laser
  4. Non-fractional non-ablative laser

So, how are these four categories of lasers divided? Find out more in the following text.