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Face Lifting (1)


As people age, their bodies struggle to resist the passage of time and the force of gravity in many places, including facial tissue, chest, abdomen, and even buttocks, which all seem to gradually sag. “Lifting” appears to be the desired effect for all women worldwide!

This article mainly discusses face lifting. We often come across the term “face lifting” in media advertisements, claiming that certain essences or facial masks can instantly lift the skin, with miraculous effects. I mainly explore what “face lifting treatment” means from a medical perspective, and will discuss the benefits of skincare products later. Face lifting treatment is generally divided into invasive and non-invasive procedures. The former usually refers to surgery, commonly known as “facelift,” which is briefly introduced together with other surgical treatments below.

Facelift surgery – if we distinguish the methods by surgery, there are Deep Plane Lift, SMAS Lift, Short Scar Lift, Endoscopic Facelift, Midface Lift, etc. I will not discuss too many technical differences. Generally speaking, a hidden incision is made until the muscle and fat tissue inside the wound are seen, the excess fat tissue is removed, and then the facial skin is pulled upward, the excess skin is trimmed, and the wound is sutured. Since the excess skin has been trimmed, the face will appear tighter and smoother than before, achieving the effect of “lifting.” However, it is still an invasive surgery that is difficult to be accepted by most people. Moreover, most women aged 30 to 60 may not necessarily have an urgent need to improve skin sagging through surgery, and simple fillers or radiofrequency can already show results.

Thread lift – this is a less invasive treatment with a shorter recovery time. In South Korea, thread lifting is popular, and gold threads were previously popular, but gold threads do not dissolve in the body and are difficult to remove once broken, which may cause other complications. Therefore, now there are Prolene and PDO threads available to choose from. Feather threads are non-dissolvable surgical threads, and PDO threads are dissolvable. The principle of these threads is to use a needle and a fine long thread to interweave like a net to tighten the cheek skin. The thread itself can stimulate collagen protein growth, and the tightening effect can be achieved in a few weeks. As thread lifting has the potential to cause infection, swelling, and facial asymmetry, it is recommended to consult a doctor’s opinion before deciding.

Liposuction – excess fat accumulation is attracted by gravity, such as eye bags, double chin, etc. These excess (which should be eradicated from everyone!) fat can be removed by liposuction or fat-dissolving methods. There are now many different methods and instruments available to use. You can ask for a doctor’s opinion.

The above are some high-risk treatments. Next, we will discuss non-invasive and low-risk treatments, which I believe everyone will be more interested in, right?