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Eye Rejuvenation


Eyes are the windows to the soul, and not only do they reveal a person’s emotions, state of mind, and mood, but they also reveal the secret of your age!

The eyelid is the thinnest skin tissue in the human body, and the actions of expression and blinking make it prone to aging. When the eyes begin to age, the eye sockets begin to sink, the eyelids start to sag and droop, the eye sockets become more pronounced, the upper cheeks begin to hollow, and tear troughs begin to appear. In addition, eyelashes become shorter and sparser, making the signs of aging around the eyes very noticeable.

To improve the various changes caused by aging, doctors must address them in stages. If patients do not want to undergo injection treatments as the first step, they can try using bimatoprost (Latisse). Bimatoprost can extend the growth cycle of eyelashes, making them darker, longer, and thicker. This is the first step in rejuvenating the eyes.

The second step is to address the issue of volume loss. When fat and collagen begin to diminish, the eyes develop problems such as bags and tear troughs. These phenomena give the impression of a tired face and an aged appearance. To address the issue of volume loss, fillers are used. We generally use softer hyaluronic acid to prevent the eye area from looking too tight. Injecting fillers into the eye socket and tear trough areas can fill and support the soft tissues of the eyes, improving sunken and tear trough conditions.

The third step can improve eye wrinkles and lift the brow shape. Eye expressions can cause fine lines on the skin, which are important signs of aging. The solution is to relax the muscles and reduce eye wrinkles caused by muscle overactivity. In addition, injections can be administered at the brow and glabella to improve sagging brows.

Finally, the drooping of the eyelids can make a person look tired and sleepy. We can use radiofrequency to improve the drooping of the eyelids caused by collagen loss.

The current level of medical aesthetics can delay the aging of the skin around the eyes and reduce the need for surgical treatments. As long as you gradually improve according to your needs, your age secret will not be easily revealed!