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Collagen Regeneration


If you’ve been paying attention to TV commercials, you might have seen an ad featuring a famous movie star as a spokesperson. The ad highlights “self-generating collagen” and mentions “FDA approval.” But what is it exactly?

One of the primary factors in skin aging is the loss of collagen, which can also cause other signs of aging in the skin. Ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, and other factors can damage skin cell DNA, causing cells to age and die. When fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) age, collagen is lost more quickly, causing skin to become thinner, more wrinkled, and to develop larger pores.

As a result, many skin products and treatment devices advertise their ability to increase collagen, improving the appearance of skin. Simple skincare products, serums, IPL, different types of lasers (not just 1540 nm wavelength), radiofrequency, PLLA (Sculptra), Radiesse, and others all have evidence showing they can increase collagen production. However, these treatments all stimulate collagen to regenerate naturally, rather than simply adding more collagen externally.

The key to the difference between these treatments lies in the depth and volume of collagen stimulation, which affects their clinical effects. Differences that can only be seen under a microscope can have a significant impact in clinical settings. If you want to know the effectiveness of treatments, it is best to consult medical journals or talk to your doctor. While advertisements and spokespersons can be persuasive, it’s essential to form your own opinions.