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Chemical Peel- Is It Effective?


Laser freckle removal, segmented laser to shrink pores, RF tightening, Botox for slimming the face and wrinkle removal are all well-known medical beauty treatments. However, the effectiveness of glycolic acid treatment is not something that everyone can speak to. What skin problems can be treated with glycolic acid, and what are the consequences of improper use?

Acne patients often use glycolic acid products at home, thinking that it can reduce acne problems, but the problem worsens after use. I also often see patients receiving glycolic acid treatment at beauty salons, but the results are not as expected. Instead, their skin becomes sensitive, and some patients even experience skin burns after the treatment.

Such problems often occur because inappropriate glycolic acid treatment is received, or the skin cannot tolerate the treatment. Glycolic acid treatment, also known as chemical peeling, is widely used and can improve skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, dull skin, wrinkles, and even scars. Glycolic acid is a general term that includes dozens of different compounds, and different compounds can be mixed to form a new mixed glycolic acid. The combination of different components complements each other and can treat different skin problems.

Because of the complexity and potential dangers of glycolic acid, glycolic acid treatment should be regulated. According to the guidelines issued by the Department of Health in November 2013, skin exfoliation below the skin epidermis should only be performed by registered doctors. Some high-concentration or high-acid chemical peeling treatments should be operated by doctors, otherwise, it is easy to cause complications. For example, 70% glycolic acid and 30% trichloroacetic acid can both cause skin exfoliation on the skin surface, exposing the dermis. Improper use will definitely make the skin worse! Before using glycolic acid, the doctor should judge the skin problem and skin type to determine the type and concentration of glycolic acid to use.

Chemical Peel treatment is a very effective medical beauty treatment, but the principle and application require some expertise. People undergoing treatment need to understand this in order to make good use of glycolic acid to solve skin problems.