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Acne Scar Treatment


Believe it or not, almost everyone has at least one scar on their body. Scars are the physiological remnants left on the skin after a wound has healed. They can range from barely noticeable to quite prominent, and can often tell a story of their own.

Hypertrophic scars and keloids are two types of scars that occur when the skin produces too much collagen during the healing process, resulting in a thicker or raised scar. Although the exact cause of these types of scars is still unknown, they are more commonly seen in Asian and Black populations than in Caucasians. In addition to a person’s specific body type, factors such as the degree of injury, the location of the wound, and whether or not it becomes infected can all affect the development of scars.

If you want to minimize the appearance of scars, it’s important to take good care of your wounds. Hypertrophic scars and keloids are most commonly found on the chest, shoulders, collarbone, and ears, but some people are more prone to developing scars in general, regardless of the location of the wound. Common sources of scars include vaccination sites, acne, ear piercing, and surgical incisions.

Once a scar has formed, it cannot be completely removed. However, there are many advanced treatments available today that can significantly improve the appearance of scars. The appropriate method of treatment depends on the type and color of the scar. For example, if a scar has deep pigmentation, topical creams containing skin lightening agents like Hydroquinone can be applied, or a deep pigment laser like 1064nm Nd:Yag can be used. For larger and more inflamed scars, local steroid injections, high-energy fractional lasers like Fraxel re:store Dual, or pulsed dye laser treatments using a wavelength of 585-595nm can be used to reduce the appearance of the scar.

It’s important to consult with a doctor to determine which treatment is best for you, as each scar is unique and requires a customized treatment plan. Although scars may be a part of our personal history, advanced medical treatments can help reduce their appearance and give us the confidence to put our best foot forward.