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Acne Scar (5)


In addition to non-surgical methods, sometimes surgery can be done to increase the effectiveness of treatment. However, don’t think that surgery is a very serious matter. In fact, surgical treatment of acne scars is usually minimally invasive. Let me explain it to you!

In terms of surgery, common methods include scar excision, subcision, skin grafting, and filler injection. The doctor selects the appropriate surgical method based on the characteristics of the different scars.

If the scar is dark in color and large in size, such as a rolling scar, we can use a filling method to treat it. Hyaluronic acid is usually used for filling, and the effect is immediately visible. In addition to hyaluronic acid, we can also use microcrystalline ceramics or even autologous fat transplantation to fill in the depressions. Moreover, when scar tissue is severely inflamed and causes adhesions, we need to perform subcision first to separate the adhesions, and then perform other treatments for better results.

When the scar is too deep and many methods may not be effective, we can use surgery to remove it. Especially for those cone-shaped scars, special tools can be used to remove them first, then suture, and then proceed with other treatments. As for skin grafting, it is suitable for scars without pigmentation, as it can not only remove scars but also restore pigmentation.

Now everyone understands that scar treatment is actually a challenging field. A thorough plan is needed before treatment, including the sequence and number of various methods. In fact, the most important method is “prevention is better than treatment”. Preventing the formation of acne scars is the best method. If you have acne, you should use the correct treatment methods and seek medical advice instead of using various strange remedies. If you unfortunately leave a scar, you should consult a doctor on how to deal with it, as scar treatment always requires strong treatment methods!