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Sun Protection in BB Cream


Preventing UV rays from accelerating skin aging and melanin formation is extremely important, and choosing the right products is crucial.

Today’s protagonist, Ms. Chan, has always had good skin and is knowledgeable about skincare. However, she recently noticed that her freckles had become more noticeable and didn’t understand why, so she consulted me for advice. She claimed to do proper sun protection every day and spend minimal time outdoors. Upon closer questioning, it turned out that she had been applying a thin layer of BB cream every day for the past six months, replacing her sunscreen and foundation, and had not developed the habit of reapplying sunscreen. After explaining the differences between BB cream and sunscreen, she realized that her sun protection wasn’t enough!

BB cream (BB stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) was introduced to Korea from Germany and has become a popular product that combines concealer, sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer. BB cream is simple and convenient, making it a must-have for women! But have you ever considered that multifunctional products also have their drawbacks? Issue 456 of the Consumer Council magazine analyzed the problems with BB cream.

BB cream claims to moisturize, protect against the sun, and even skin tone. However, recent testing by international consumer research and testing organizations does not support some of these claims. Their results show that the moisturizing effectiveness of most BB cream products is lower than that of regular moisturizing creams. 40% of the samples have SPF values lower than the labeled value for UVB protection, and almost 46% of the samples do not provide adequate UVA protection or even the most basic protection.

In fact, to effectively protect against the sun, we must apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen (not a thin layer of BB cream!). Sunscreen must also have sufficient efficacy to combat UVA and UVB rays and be reapplied every three hours.

Ms. Chan’s example is a typical problem for Hong Kong women, as it shows the loophole in sun protection. The Consumer Council reminds consumers that BB cream cannot replace moisturizing cream or sunscreen products. They recommend performing basic skincare procedures such as washing the face and applying moisturizer before applying these cosmetic creams. After using them, they suggest thoroughly cleansing to avoid clogged pores. After applying BB cream, you should also apply sunscreen to effectively resist UV rays.

BB cream claims to be a hybrid product that combines makeup and skincare functions, but it may still fall short of users’ expectations. We hope that everyone will always do their best to protect against the sun’s damage!