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Embrace the power of non-surgical facelifts with EMFACE, LM SKINCENTRE in Hong Kong introduces the latest device designed for face lifting and wrinkle reduction. EMFACE operates by targeting all layers of your facial structure – the skin, the underlying connective tissue, and the facial muscles – using an unparalleled blend of Synchronized RF and HIFES technologies. The integrated use of these technologies results in significant improvements to the overall facial architecture.

Understanding the Mechanism of EMFACE treatment

The remarkable action of the EMFACE device relies on the concurrent use of synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES technologies. The key lies in the ability of the Synchronized RF heating to remodel the collagen and elastin within the fascial framework, providing increased elasticity and firmness. Working in tandem, the HIFES technology incites contraction of the facial muscles and their connective tissue, leading to enhanced lifting and tightening of the facial contours. The net result of these coordinated processes is a visible lifting, tightening, reduction in wrinkles, and overall facial redefinition that far surpasses the outcomes of using each technology separately.

Deciphering the Role of Synchronized RF Heating

Synchronized RF heating plays a pivotal role in the EMFACE device by inducing meaningful structural alterations in the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin. By precisely managing the application of RF energy, the device is able to heat specific tissues to therapeutic temperatures in a short period of time, instigating desired thermal effects. This results in the remodeling of collagen and elastin within the fascial framework, leading to a noticeable increase in the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

Targeting All Facial Layers with EMFACE treatment

Equipped with Synchronized RF and HIFES technologies, EMFACE has the unique ability to target all facial layers, delivering non-invasive facial rejuvenation. By regulating tissue heating and inciting selective contractions in the delicate facial muscles, EMFACE brings about significant textural changes in the skin, reducing wrinkles, repositioning facial features, and providing an overall lifting effect. This harmonious process renews the connection between the layers, resulting in a comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin.

The Combined Might of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES

The combined emission of synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES offers a more effective treatment approach compared to standalone procedures. By merging these technologies in the EMFACE device, we harness their synergistic effects to rejuvenate the facial soft tissues, thus offering unparalleled benefits for non-invasive facial rejuvenation. This amalgamation allows for thorough rejuvenation of the face by targeting all facial layers, including the skin, connective tissue framework, and facial muscles, which in turn results in a lifted, tightened, and wrinkle-free appearance. While the use of these technologies individually or consecutively also offers benefits, the simultaneous application of both technologies clearly offers superior results.

The Significant Role of Facial Muscles in Skin Aging

Facial muscles play a pivotal role in skin aging. Structural changes due to volume depletion in the facial muscles and their connective tissue framework often lead to increased tissue laxity, further exacerbated by gravity. As with skeletal muscles, facial muscles age through sarcopenia, characterized by a loss of muscle mass and volume. Given the interconnected nature of facial muscles, skin, and the fascial system, weakening of these muscles often leads to visible tissue sagging and descent. Lower resting muscle tone and weaker facial muscles require more effort to prevent sagging and hold the overlying tissues in place. However, when these muscles are too weak, they fail to support the tissue, leading to issues such as drooping eyebrows or sagging cheeks. Increasing the resting muscle tone allows the muscles to support the overlying tissue without constant contraction, effectively mitigating signs of aging.

Understanding Forehead and Cheek Applications with EMFACE

The design of the EMFACE device allows it to target specific facial muscles and connective tissues, including those in the forehead and cheeks.

Forehead Application:

The device’s forehead applicator is meticulously designed to target the frontalis muscle and its surrounding connective tissue. The frontalis muscle, responsible for eyebrow elevation, is enveloped by two layers of fascia – the supra-frontalis fascia (above the muscle) and the sub-frontalis fascia (below the muscle). The energy emitted by the EMFACE device during treatment leads to changes in this entire unit, making the fascial envelope tighter and allowing the muscle within to relax. This relaxation likely reduces the baseline contractile tone of the frontalis muscle, which can manifest as fewer horizontal forehead lines. By strengthening a previously weakened frontalis muscle, the device may also counteract eyebrow ptosis, promoting a more lifted brow appearance.

Cheek Application:

The applicators for the cheeks are specifically engineered to stimulate the zygomaticus major and minor, as well as the risorius muscles. The zygomaticus minor muscle finds its anchor point in the skin at the nasolabial fold. On the other hand, the zygomaticus major muscle is attached to the maxilla underneath, through a connective tissue layer known as the transverse facial septum. This septum delineates the lower boundary of the midfacial fat compartment and works in tandem with the muscle layered above it to form a biomechanical unit. The activation of this unit results in a conformational shift of the septum, facilitating the upliftment of the entire cheek, enhancing midfacial volume, and refining the appearance of the nasolabial fold.

EMFACE Submentum for Double Chin Reduction

EMFACE Submentum represents a significant advancement in the treatment of submental concerns such as double chin, turkey neck, and skin laxity. By utilizing synchronized RF+ technology, EMFACE Submentum delivers higher power to heat fat tissue to apoptotic levels and lower power for skin rejuvenation, ensuring comprehensive treatment from muscle to skin within a single session. This innovative approach addresses every layer of the facial structure, ensuring an efficient and effective reduction of saggy skin and fat under the chin.

What is the clinical result showed?

The EMFACE device has been found to have substantial positive impacts on facial skin tissue. A study led by Cohen and colleagues revealed that the use of the EMFACE device resulted in a notable 25.3% improvement in skin evenness and wrinkle reduction. Peak skin improvements were observed at around 2 to 3 months post-treatment, aligning with the timeline for muscle improvements.

The remarkable benefits of the EMFACE device can be attributed to the combined use of synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES technologies. The synchronized RF heating primarily impacts the subdermal tissues, specifically the fascial framework composed of collagen and elastin. These heat-responsive proteins can remodel themselves when exposed to sufficient heat, resulting in an increased elasticity and tightness of the fascial web.

Concurrently, HIFES technology induces selective contractions in facial muscles and their associated connective tissues, leading to enhanced facial contours. The combined impact of these two technologies during an EMFACE treatment results in structural alterations in the entire unit, including the skin, connective tissue framework, and facial muscles. This contributes to skin textural improvements, wrinkle reduction, facial repositioning, and an overall lifting effect.

What About Fat Tissue?

During an EMFACE treatment, the temperature within the fat tissue remains below the 43°C threshold necessary for initiating the apoptotic process. As a result, no direct effects on fat tissue have been observed. The primary target of the EMFACE device is the facial muscles, connective tissue framework, and skin layers rather than the fat tissue. Therefore, the EMFACE device does not significantly impact fat tissue. Its unique design focuses on rejuvenating and toning the skin and muscles, while preserving the natural volume of underlying fat tissue.

How long is an Emface treatment?

Each of my Emface treatments took about 25 minutes from start to finish. To prepare for your treatment, we will wipe your cheeks and forehead clean with an alcohol pad so the stickers adhere to your skin properly. They’ll also stick a grounding pad to the skin on your back. Once the treatment stickers and grounding pad are in place, the 20 minutes treatment begins.

How many sessions do I need?

Emface isn’t a one-and-done thing. You’ll need to complete four sessions at least, spaced about a week or two apart, to see the full results. Maintenance sessions may be required once or twice a year depending on your desired goals. You may also combine with other treatments like Ultraformer, Ulthera, Thermage, Exilis, Botox, Filler for optimal improvement.

Is Emface painful?

Emface isn’t painful, but the feeling can be weird—especially the first time you try it. Unlike other non-invasive treatments like fractional laser, there’s no need to apply numbing cream and there is no downtime. After your treatment, you can continue your day as usual.

What is the Emface treatment like?

Your doctor will place three sticky pads on your face—one on each cheek and one on your forehead. Each pad emits mild heat that feels reminiscent of a hot stone massage.  You may also feel vibration, which resulted from the weird involuntary twitching of your facial muscles

What are the potential side effects from Emface?

Like other thermal procedures, in rare cases, there might be scabbing, blistering, or burns. I understand that the EMFACE procedure has certain side effects. These side effects may include but are not limited to erythema (redness), mild swelling, a sensation of heat, skin dryness, temporary damage to the natural texture of the skin (scabbing, blistering, and burns), muscle soreness, and temporary muscle spasms.

What does Emface cost in Hong Kong?

You can contact us to learn more about the price of Emface treatment. You are suggested to consult our doctor first and see if you are suitable to Emface treatment.