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EMFACE Submentum- Non-invasive treatment to Double Chin

Emface Submentum

LM SKINCENTRE Hong Kong introduces a brand name treatment for double chin- EMFACE Submentum. A double chin can result from various factors, including excessive fat, drooping facial skin, and weakened submental muscles. EMFACE addresses these concerns head-on, using synchronized RF+ technology for fat disruption and skin rejuvenation. By homogeneously heating all facial layers and inducing fat apoptosis, EMFACE not only tightens the skin under the chin but also improves its texture by remodeling collagen and elastin fibers.

How Does EMFACE Submentum Work?

At the heart of EMFACE Submentum’s efficacy is the synchronized RF+ technology, a dual-action powerhouse that disrupts fat and rejuvenates skin simultaneously. By delivering higher power to heat fat tissue to apoptotic levels and lower power for skin rejuvenation, EMFACE ensures comprehensive treatment from muscle to skin within a single session. This innovative approach addresses every layer of the facial structure, ensuring an efficient and effective reduction of saggy skin and fat under the chin.

What are the causes of double chin?

It can be due to skin laxity, loose muscle tone and excessive fat. EMFACE’s capabilities extend to correcting other submental concerns like turkey neck and pseudo double chin. Its synchronized RF+ technology effectively combats skin laxity, excessive fat, and muscle looseness, offering a comprehensive solution to these common aesthetic issues.

How to deal with Text Neck?

The digital age brings with it a new challenge: text neck. This condition arises from the prolonged forward bending of the head to view electronic devices, leading to neck strain, discomfort, and even a pseudo double chin. EMFACE’s technology not only addresses the aesthetic consequences of text neck but also underscores the importance of maintaining proper posture in the digital era.

Which muscle does the HIFES target?

HIFES technology represents a leap forward in targeting the diagastric muscle, a key player in the submental region. By focusing on muscle strengthening and toning, HIFES contributes significantly to the lifting and tightening of the under-chin area, enhancing the overall efficacy of the EMFACE Submentum procedure.

What is Synchronized RF+?

Synchronized RF+ uses higher power and homogenous heating of all facial layer. The higher temperature induces fat apoptosis. It stands out as a synergistic technology that combines RF energy with HIFES for a multi-layered approach to facial rejuvenation. This innovative method ensures uniform heating across all facial layers, achieving fat disruption and skin remodeling in a singular, efficient treatment.

What is the EMFACE Submentum Treatment Protocol?

It involves a series of sessions tailored to deliver optimal outcomes:

Treatment Duration: Each session is a quick, 20-minute experience.

Treatment Plan: Four to six sessions are recommended for enduring results.

Frequency: Typically, sessions are scheduled weekly.

Versatility: EMFACE targets a range of concerns, from skin laxity to muscle tone.

What should I expect after EMFACE Submentum?

After undergoing EMFACE treatment for the submentum area, individuals can expect to experience a range of positive outcomes related to skin tightening, fat reduction, and muscle toning in the chin and neck region. Here are some common expectations following EMFACE submentum treatment:

Improved skin laxity: EMFACE treatment can lead to a reduction in skin laxity, resulting in tighter and firmer skin in the submental area.

Reduction in submental fat: The technology used in EMFACE can target and disrupt fat cells in the submental region, leading to a reduction in fat volume and a more defined jawline.

Muscle toning: By stimulating the submental muscles, EMFACE can help improve muscle tone and support in the chin and neck area, leading to a more sculpted appearance.

Enhanced skin texture: EMFACE treatment can also contribute to improvements in skin texture, reducing saggy skin under the chin and promoting collagen and elastin production.

What is the price of EMFACE Submentum in LM SKINCENTRE Hong Kong?

The price would depend on the number of sessions you want to get. Please contact us if you want to know more.

EMFACE Submentum represents a paradigm shift in facial aesthetics, offering a non-invasive, comfortable, and efficient solution to double chin, turkey neck, and other related concerns. Please contact us if you want to know more about EMFACE Submentum treatment.