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Facial Telangiectasia

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Facial telangiectasia refers to dilated blood vessels on the face, commonly called “broken capillaries”. The vessels may be widespread over the cheeks, nose and chin, or localized in a cluster. They may be a sign of rosacea or occur with sun damage, or may be due to congenital problems including hemangioma or port-wine stain, some are caused by traumatic causes or inflammation like acne.

How to treat facial telangiectasia?
It can be treated with VBeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser. The pulsed dye laser emits light of wavelength 595nm. This is specifically absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin in blood, generating heat within blood vessels. This damages the vessels and the body then gradually removes them. Because the heat stays within the blood vessels, the surrounding tissues are not damaged and scarring is rare. The results are better compared with IPL.

How many treatments are required?
On average 6 treatments are required, but this does depend upon the individual. It is better to treat gently and repeat than to treat too aggressively. The treatments are spaced at 4 weekly intervals. Large vessels around the nose can be stubborn and may take more treatments to clear.