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Droopy Eyelids

aging eye

Bright, alert looking eyes give an impression of vitality and health. With the passage of time, our eyes start to look “tired” as skin looses its firmness.

Skin laxity of the forehead causes the eyebrows fall lower, adding extra “weight” to the upper eyelids. Skin laxity in the upper eyelids cause wrinkles, excessive skin, extra folds, or the appearance of double eyelids. These result in the eyes looking smaller and loosing their sparkle.

For those of us with less advanced droopiness or who don’t want to undergo surgery, a number of non-surgical options are available:

1. Thermage can tighten the skin on the forehead and re-elevate the eyebrows
2. Thermage, or Fraxel can offer non-surgical tightening of the eyelid skin
3. Botox injections can decrease the pull of “depressor muscles”, causing a quick brow-lifting effect