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Summer Illness, Winter Treatment – A Concept in Medical Aesthetics


“冬病夏治,夏病冬治” is a special treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine. It means that ailments that appear in summer are treated in winter for double effectiveness and vice versa. A similar concept exists in medical aesthetics, where treating summer skin issues in winter can prepare the skin for summer.

Summer is the peak season for outdoor activities, but intense UV rays can activate melanocytes and cause pigmentation problems. Laser treatments can also cause inflammation, and failure to protect the skin after treatment can lead to difficult-to-remove pigmentation. Laser hair removal, segmented laser rejuvenation, laser spot removal, and color light therapy are not recommended for use on sun-exposed skin in summer, making winter an ideal time for laser treatment. In winter, when spots are not as dark, using skin whitening products or laser therapy is more effective. Additionally, laser treatment and chemical peels are more susceptible to UV damage, making winter a safer time to undergo these treatments.

Medical aesthetic treatments are typically more invasive, with recovery periods ranging from a few hours to several weeks. Winter is a great time for treatments that have longer recovery times, as people typically wear longer clothes and accessories that can easily conceal any redness or damage. Winter also has many holidays, including Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Lunar New Year, as well as weekends, providing ample time for recovery. Treatments with longer recovery times, such as segmented laser rejuvenation, minimally invasive procedures, laser spot removal, and hair removal, are ideal for winter or before long breaks.

Medical aesthetic treatments are not a cure-all, and some treatments take months to produce noticeable results, such as laser hair removal and fat dissolving treatments. Starting treatment in winter is necessary to enjoy summer without worrying about the skin. As the saying goes, “Winter treats summer diseases, summer treats winter diseases,” which also holds true for medical aesthetics. The timing and condition of the patient are essential factors in achieving successful outcomes.