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Say Goodbye to “Strawberry Nose”: The Importance of Cleansing and Moisturizing

Dear readers, do you often face problems with blackheads? You may not be aware that excessive cleansing and insufficient moisturizing could be the reasons behind your blackheads.

Doctors warn that over-cleansing and under-moisturizing can lead to dry skin, altering normal skin metabolism and resulting in more blackheads. Cleansing twice daily is sufficient, and avoiding over-squeezing blackheads, using gentle cleansers, and maintaining proper skin hydration can all help improve blackhead issues.

Skin metabolism is a natural process, but when it slows down or changes, dead skin cells and sebum accumulate on the skin’s surface, forming blackheads. Over-cleansing can strip away natural skin oils, causing dryness and affecting skin metabolism. Dry weather and insufficient moisturizing can also lead to dry skin and the appearance of blackheads.

Over-squeezing blackheads can irritate the skin, increasing the risk of inflammation and bacterial infection. Each time you squeeze a blackhead, it can cause skin damage, collagen loss, and enlarged pores. To reduce blackhead formation, avoid excessive cleansing and limit it to once in the morning and once at night. Choose gentle cleansers, avoid over-scrubbing, and ensure adequate moisturizing.

When selecting moisturizing products, choose oil-free or blackhead-preventing formulas, such as those labeled “oil-free.” Individuals prone to blackheads can opt for gel or lotion-textured products, which are usually lighter. Additionally, pay attention to your diet, avoiding excessive sweets and high glycemic index foods to reduce sebum production, thereby lowering the risk of blackheads and acne.

Environment and lifestyle can also affect skin condition. Spending long periods in air-conditioned rooms or having an office seat directly under an air vent can lead to dry skin and blackhead formation. Maintaining appropriate indoor humidity and timely skin moisturizing can help improve blackhead issues.

Choosing the right cosmetics is also crucial. Thick makeup or heavy, oily foundation can clog pores and cause blackheads. Opt for oil-free, blackhead-preventing, fragrance-free, additive-free, and sensitive skin-friendly cosmetics to minimize skin irritation and reduce the chances of blackheads forming.

To say goodbye to “strawberry nose,” the key lies in cultivating good skincare habits. Cleanse your face twice daily, choose gentle cleansing products, moisturize adequately, maintain healthy eating habits, and avoid excessive squeezing of blackheads. These are all effective ways to improve blackhead issues.

Finally, remember to be patient. Improving blackheads takes time and persistence. Maintain good skincare habits, give your skin enough time to adapt and recover, and you’ll be on your way to healthy, smooth skin, free of the “strawberry nose.”