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Fall Skincare Tips- How to Treat Post-Summer Skin Issues


After the scorching hot summer, the cool and refreshing autumn season has arrived. Autumn is generally a more comfortable season with fewer skin problems. However, after the summer’s exposure, skin can become dull, with dark spots and acne scars becoming more prominent. Autumn is the perfect time for treatment.

As the weather gets drier and temperature fluctuations increase in the autumn, the skin can struggle to adapt. Continuing to use summer moisturizing products may not meet the skin’s needs. It’s essential to use more moisturizing skincare products, paying attention to their ingredients. Moisturizers with ingredients that “lock in” moisture, such as petrolatum, mineral oil, and grape seed oil, can help to lock in the moisture within the skin cells. I recommend gradually switching to new skincare products to avoid skin irritation.

Many people misunderstand that they don’t need to wear sunscreen on cloudy autumn days. This is a mistake. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds and reach the earth’s surface. The cloud layer blocks visible light more effectively than UV rays. Since UV rays are invisible to the naked eye, many people mistakenly believe that UV rays are reduced on cloudy days. However, observations have shown that UV rays can be stronger on cloudy days due to the “broken-cloud effect,” where the clouds act like a magnifying glass to focus the UV rays. Autumn is an excellent season for hiking and outdoor activities, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

The arrival of autumn also means preparing for the upcoming holiday season, including taking care of our skin. With lower UV index and moderate temperatures, it’s a great time to start treatments for whitening, spot removal, and exfoliation. Skincare products containing vitamin A and fruit acids can help to even out skin tone. For freckles, a 755nm wavelength laser can be used for removal. Moisturizing treatments are also popular during this season to combat dryness and fine lines.

With the crisp autumn air and breezy winds, it’s not just our wardrobe that needs changing, but also our skincare products. Take advantage of this season to focus on your skincare routine and prepare for the winter holidays!