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Connection Between Diet and Acne (1)


Many people believe that “heatiness” foods are the cause of acne, or that they have dietary problems whenever they have a few pimples on their face. However, some people still suffer from acne despite eating a light diet. So, is there a connection between food and acne?

First, let me share my personal experience. I rarely get acne, but every time I visit a certain large chain Western fast food restaurant, I will get one or two pimples within a day or two, which is very frustrating. If we use statistical analysis, there must be a correlation between the two. Of course, I won’t rely on personal experience alone to analyze this issue. Here, I will share some objective research results with you.

If I say that food has nothing to do with acne (which is actually the belief in the Western medical community for many years), would you believe it? Food is closely related to many diseases, such as allergies, skin problems (due to excessive or insufficient intake of certain nutrients), cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. After all, when food enters the body and is digested and absorbed, the body will naturally react. Nowadays, more people are discussing the glycemic index, which reflects the index of how food causes blood sugar to rise during digestion. Long-term consumption of high-glycemic index foods can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. As the saying goes, “diseases enter the body through the mouth,” and the relationship between food and diseases is inseparable.

If food can affect acne, what kind of food is the culprit? Is it the so-called “heaty” foods? What does “heatiness” mean in the eyes of Western medicine? Let’s continue to explore in the following article.