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Beauty Tips for Brides- How to Get Perfect Skin for Your Wedding Day (3)


The bride undoubtedly wants to shine on her wedding day, but without the groom’s cooperation, the effect will be greatly reduced. More and more grooms are undergoing medical beauty treatments before their wedding, many of which are brought by their fiancees. Medical beauty treatments are not just for women. But do the requirements of the bride and groom differ?

Apart from their inner qualities, men’s cleanliness and appearance are the most important. Men may not need to pursue the same white, flawless skin as women. For men, clean and healthy skin can make them more attractive. There are three main skin problems that grooms-to-be need to address before their wedding.

  1. Beard root problem: Too many, too dense, or too long beard roots can give people a messy feeling and leave a bad impression. If there is an ingrown hair problem, it can further cause pseudofolliculitis barbae in the chin area. It is recommended to use laser hair removal treatment to make the beard hair thinner. Grooms-to-be can undergo laser treatment six months in advance, once every four weeks, which can make their skin feel cleaner.
  2. Moles: Loose wrinkles, pores, and wrinkles are not the main concerns of men. What about pigment problems? Freckles and hormonal spots are not common in men. However, some men may have more moles, which can make them feel untidy. To address this, carbon dioxide laser treatment can be used to remove the moles. Generally, treatment is required once every four weeks until complete removal.
  3. Rough skin texture, acne, and unevenness: Men’s skin texture is rougher, and acne and unevenness are more pronounced, often due to a lack of early skin care. For quick treatment, a combination of treatments is generally needed. For example, medical skin rejuvenation products can be used to improve acne and oily skin, followed by chemical peels every four weeks to accelerate the shedding of thickened layers of dead skin cells and make the skin smoother. If there are indentations or unevenness, it may be necessary to consider using segmented laser or microneedle therapy with 1550/1927nm wavelengths. Overall, skin quality problems take a longer time to improve, so it is necessary to reserve about six months.

Whether you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, you must reserve enough time to equip yourself and be in your best condition on your wedding day!