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Dark Circle (1)


Black circles under the eyes are a natural enemy of women, and for most, a chronic condition. Nowadays, many skincare products claim to reduce or even eliminate dark circles. If this were true, it would be great news for women. Let’s discuss this pesky problem

Some people have genetically inherited black circles, while others develop them from staying up late. However, dark circles usually worsen over time. We must understand their causes, prevention, and treatment methods to avoid becoming the next victim.

First, let’s discuss the causes and types of dark circles. There are four types of dark circles, and each has a different cause and treatment method.

  1. Genetic/Constitutional Type: This is usually caused by thin skin, a lack of fat, and a high concentration of blood vessels in the eyelid area, causing blue or purple circles to appear under the eyes.
  2. Vascular Type: This is caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes. Sleep deprivation, allergies, and nasal congestion can all contribute to this type of dark circles.
  3. Pigmentation Type: This is caused by inflammation or hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure or eczema.
  4. Structural Type: This is caused by the shape of the face, such as deep-set eyes or prominent tear troughs. These types of dark circles are more common as we age.

Of course, there may be multiple factors that contribute to the formation of dark circles, and a doctor should diagnose the underlying cause. After understanding the different types and causes, we can discuss treatment methods in the next article.”