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Laser Therapy- Summary


Summary after several days of discussing laser treatments. If you’re considering laser treatment, the first thing to ask yourself is what your goals are. Do you want to remove spots, hair, warts, or improve skin texture? Often, clients are unaware of their skin’s needs, so it’s important to have a professional analyze your skin.

After receiving your results, you’ll know what options are available to you. Based on experience, treatments other than laser therapy may achieve better results. For example, for acne, medication or fruit acid treatment may be necessary, followed by laser therapy if there are indentations or bumps. Therefore, treatment has a sequence, and sometimes it may be necessary to address other issues first, and then have laser therapy for a better outcome.

When you know that your skin problem needs laser treatment, you need to know how many treatments are required and how many weeks apart they need to be. Remember that if you don’t follow the treatment plan, the results may be affected. This is similar to taking medication without following instructions; the results will not be ideal.

Before each laser treatment, the doctor or therapist will remind you of what to pay attention to. For example, before hair removal, do not pluck the hair from the root, and do not expose your skin to sunlight for two weeks before the laser treatment. Each laser course has different precautions, so be sure to follow the instructions.

On the day of the laser treatment, if you experience any discomfort in your body or skin, notify the doctor or therapist immediately. If you experience any unusual pain during the laser treatment, it is even more important to let them know. Of course, the operator must have considerable experience, be supervised by a registered doctor, and have a doctor follow up on the treatment progress, in order for consumers to be assured.

After the treatment is completed, the skin should be protected according to the precautions. Generally, it is important to do sun protection, moisturize more, and avoid using products that are irritating or acidic. Each laser has different precautions, so be careful. In summary, if there are any abnormal conditions, inform the doctor as soon as possible for follow-up.

As the treatment progresses, you will gradually see improvement in your skin problems. Remember, laser therapy is not a panacea. Not all skin problems can be completely improved, and improvement cannot be achieved overnight. Following instructions and taking things step by step will achieve the best results.