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Hair Removal- Frequently Asked Questions

laser hair removal

Although laser hair removal is a common cosmetic treatment, there are still many misconceptions among consumers. Here we will discuss some common questions.

Is it safe to undergo laser hair removal during pregnancy? There have been no formal studies to determine whether it is safe for pregnant women to undergo laser hair removal. However, for safety reasons, most doctors will advise women to wait until after pregnancy to undergo laser hair removal. Additionally, hair growth during pregnancy will typically naturally fall out after giving birth.

Since it is not recommended to do laser hair removal during pregnancy, can it be done while breastfeeding? The same principle applies, as there is not enough clinical research to determine the answer. Doctors do not want to take risks and suggest delaying treatment until after breastfeeding. However, some doctors believe that laser treatment only affects the skin and has no impact on breastfeeding. Consult with your doctor to decide.

Will laser hair removal affect freckles and moles on the face? Freckles are caused by an increase in melanin in the epidermis layer, while moles are caused by an increase in melanocytes. The wavelength used in laser hair removal is absorbed by melanin, making freckles less visible. However, its pulse duration is not aimed at treating pigmentation issues, so the effect is far less than that of laser treatment for pigmentation. Moles have a different pathology and are not affected by laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal permanent? Many beauty salons advertise laser hair removal as permanent, but this is not accurate. The Consumer Council has repeatedly reminded consumers that the effects of laser hair removal are not permanent. There is currently no method to achieve permanent hair removal, only permanent hair reduction. Additionally, hair does not disappear permanently, but rather becomes thinner, lighter, and less visible.

Why can’t laser hair removal remove all hair at once and must be done every four weeks? Hair has a growth cycle, and lasers only destroy hair in the anagen phase of growth. However, not all hair is in the same phase, so treatment must be done every four weeks to remove hair that is in the growth phase. It is essential to complete the entire treatment for optimal results.

If there are any other areas of confusion, it is best to consult with your doctor!