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Acne Scar (1)


Previously, we discussed the care and treatment of acne, but what can doctors do when acne has already caused damage?

Dealing with acne scars is indeed a headache as no matter how they are treated, scars cannot completely disappear. Every time someone comes to me for help with this issue, I tell them the truth to avoid giving them false expectations. However, I always try my best to use different methods to make the scars less noticeable. Now, let me introduce the types of acne scars and their treatment methods!

Why does acne cause scars? This seems like a simple question, but the medical community still does not fully understand the reasons for their formation. In particular, they have not been able to explain why some people are prone to acne scarring while others recover quickly and without leaving scars. However, generally speaking, the severity of scars is related to the severity of the acne. If someone’s recovery ability is slower, they are more likely to form pitted scars. Therefore, if you have acne problems, especially if you are prone to scarring, it is important to seek treatment early to avoid scarring.

Since acne scars differ in type from other scars (such as those from trauma or chickenpox), the treatment methods are also different. Acne scars can be divided into many types, and we need to be able to distinguish between them to determine the appropriate treatment method. So how many types of acne scars are there? First, many people think that scars are always pitted, but in fact, scars can be flat, pitted, or raised. As for skin color, scars can be normal, darker, lighter, or even white or red. Dark scars represent pigmentation after inflammation, while lighter scars indicate that melanocytes have been destroyed and cannot produce melanin. Red scars represent increased microvasculature and are usually newly formed. Therefore, scars can have different combinations, such as being red and raised, pitted and white, or flat and dark brown. Of course, one type is more common, which is the pitted type. This type is also more difficult to deal with, so treating acne scars is indeed a big challenge!

Next, I will analyze the treatment methods for different types of scars one by one.