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Muscle Sculpting and Cosmetic Medicine


Why is there a connection between muscles and medical beauty? Often in medical beauty, skin problems such as acne scars, pigmentation, and contouring are addressed, but the problems caused by muscles often go unnoticed.

Treating muscle problems, like other skin problems, requires accurate assessment and treatment.

What are some examples of muscle problems? Facial contouring problems such as square face are caused by an overdeveloped masseter muscle, while static wrinkles (frown lines, forehead lines) are also caused by excessive muscle activity. Conventional treatment methods do not involve the use of lasers or radio frequency devices, as these devices cannot effectively control muscle activity. The best treatment is to inject botulinum toxin into the problematic area, causing muscle paralysis. Long-term muscle paralysis will naturally atrophy, thereby improving the problem of an overdeveloped masseter muscle and enhancing facial contouring.

To understand how muscles work, you first need to understand how the neural pathway controls them. Muscles are made up of muscle fibers, which are controlled by motor neurons. Motor neurons are neural pathways that connect the cerebral cortex to the muscles through the spinal cord, which transmit commands from the cerebral cortex to make the muscles contract. Under normal circumstances, the nerve endings of motor neurons secrete acetylcholine, which can cause muscles to contract. The action of botulinum toxin is to inhibit the secretion of acetylcholine at nerve endings, which prevents muscle contraction.

One unit of stimulation of a motor neuron is a twitch, and when a brief contraction occurs, the muscle relaxes. When the motor neuron receives a second stimulus while not completely relaxed and contracts again, continuous stimulation will cause the muscle to remain tense. The continuous tension of the facial expression muscles causes static wrinkles to appear prematurely. The use of botulinum toxin is effective in slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Can medication relax muscles, but is there a treatment that can make muscles contract? One commonly used treatment is electric stimulation therapy, which can effectively stimulate muscles to contract. It is commonly used to treat muscle trauma or as a pain relief method in physical therapy. The latest technology is high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves, which can effectively stimulate motor neurons to cause super-strong muscle contractions, with energy output many times higher than that of electric stimulation therapy. In addition to forcing muscles to contract, this super-strong contraction (supramaximal contraction) can also cause fat cells to undergo natural apoptosis, effectively improving body contouring. Although more and more instruments can shape and slim the body, remember to exercise more and pay attention to diet to make the body healthier and more slim.