MD Code


Hyaluronic acid injection is a common cosmetic treatment used for sculpting, tightening, lifting, and more. The injection can be applied in a wide range of locations, such as temples, cheeks, chin, nose, and apple muscles. The success of the treatment largely depends on the doctor’s injection method and technique.

Dr. De Maio, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon from Brazil, has proposed the “8-point lift” treatment method, which is being increasingly used by doctors. This method involves injecting hyaluronic acid into eight specific points to provide facial support and achieve the desired natural lifting effect. Dr. De Maio has also developed a theory and registered an injection method called MD Codes™, which uses botulinum toxin and different types of hyaluronic acid to improve skin aging and make people look younger.

Although hyaluronic acid is a relatively safe injection material, doctors usually only inject it where they believe there is a problem. However, this approach only treats specific facial problems and not the overall appearance. The MD Codes™ treatment method accurately identifies the injection positions on the face, analyzes the patient’s skin problems and needs, and then plans the injection quantities in specific locations. This precise injection technique can achieve the expected results and reduce the amount of treatment required.

MD Codes™ standardizes hyaluronic acid treatment by using codes such as TT1, CK2, L3, and more, which represent different facial locations such as forehead, brow, temples, cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, chin, and lips. There are a total of 75 codes, providing great detail for each facial location.

This injection technique sets a new standard in cosmetic medicine, making injection treatments safer, more reliable, and with more ideal results.