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Facial Shape Classification (2)


Everyone’s face is unique (unless you are an identical twin!), but most facial shapes can be categorized into one or more categories. These facial categories are: oblong, heart, square, oval, round, triangle, and diamond. After measuring, faces can be classified according to the following categories.

Oblong: The face is longer than it is wide. They also have relatively equal measurements on the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Heart: Defined by an inverted triangle shape of the face due to relatively pointed chin and medium to wide measurements of the forehead and cheeks. These faces are typically slightly longer than they are wide at the cheeks.

Square: The width and length measurements of the cheeks are within an inch or two of each other. Additionally, the measurements of the cheeks, forehead, and chin of a square face should be similar—the edges of a square face should be almost straight up and down. The cheeks of a square face should have clear, sharp angles in their widest corners.

Oval: The face is egg-shaped upside down. The face is longer than it is wide, the forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and there is a slightly rounded chin.

Round: The face is as wide as it is long like a square face, but they have a relatively small forehead and a small, curved chin. If your “cheek” and “length” measurements are within an inch or so, your forehead measurement is smaller than your cheek measurement, and your chin line lacks the sharp angles of a square face, then you have a round face.

Triangle: Opposite to the heart-shaped face, its bottom is widest, and the top is narrowest. Triangular faces have long, wide, square chins and a narrower forehead.

Diamond: The widest part of the face is on the cheekbones, with a gradually tapered forehead and a pointed chin. The face is much longer than it is wide. If your cheekbone width is greater than your forehead and chin, and your chin is relatively pointed, then your face has diamond-shaped attributes.

Which facial shape is more attractive from an aesthetic point of view? In Hong Kong, influenced by neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea, most people would consider women with oval and heart-shaped faces to be more beautiful and attractive. A high forehead, a slender face, a pointed chin, and a defined temple are all ways to improve the contours of your facial shape and make it more prominent and attractive.