8 Point Lift


Contouring has always been a major topic in the field of medical aesthetics, and doctors use a variety of methods for lifting treatment, including surgical and non-surgical treatments. For example, facelift surgery, radiofrequency therapy, and thread lift are some of the commonly used methods. However, the use of hyaluronic acid injection to achieve lifting effects is less often talked about.

Dr. Mauricio de Maio, a renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, has developed his own set of hyaluronic acid injection lifting techniques. Last May, he came to Hong Kong to teach this technique, and I was fortunate to be one of the doctors he personally trained. This treatment method is relatively novel and has a breakthrough significance.

The focus of treatment is on the face, and eight points are accurately marked to inject hyaluronic acid, starting from the position near the eyes and going through different points to lift the facial tissues. The characteristic of this method is that the effect of lifting is immediately visible after each injection, so the doctor must carefully evaluate the amount of substance used for the next needle and accurately inject it to ensure symmetry between both sides of the cheeks. The treatment effect is immediate and obvious, and because hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed by the body, there is no need to worry about the safety of the injected substance. The unconventional aspect of this treatment is that there are no obvious problems in the injection sites themselves, so the general practice is not to inject in those locations.

Dr. Mauricio de Maio found the eight points where injection can lead to a lifting effect, which is a relatively rare approach. This injection method is more complicated. Firstly, the doctor needs to evaluate which parts of the face have relaxation problems, the severity of both sides, and most importantly, control the dose of injection accurately. During training, Dr. Mauricio de Maio asked each doctor to use only 2ml of hyaluronic acid to achieve the best effect. Therefore, we need to calculate the amount required for each point precisely and use the least amount to achieve the best result, not wasting a single drop. His requirements are strict, but we have benefited greatly from them.

In this new injection method, I have used almost all my skills, and fortunately, the effect is even better than expected! It has been a long time since a new injection method has emerged, and I am grateful to Dr. Mauricio de Maio for bringing this breakthrough, as the sea of learning has no bounds, and I hope he will have new techniques to share with us next time!