ZO Skin Health

Dr. Zein Obagi raises the concept of Skin Health Restoration, to correct skin function and dermal repair in order to achieve skin health status.

Our Skin Centre utilizes Dr. Zein Obagi’s theory- correction, stimulation, bleaching and blending and stabilization. This philosophy can effectively prevent the occurrence of skin problems, and maintain skin in the optimal status.

Dr. Obagi developed these 6 Principles of Skin Health Restoration designed to restore skin health.

1. Skin Preparation
The Skin Preparation process entails normalizing the skin surface to prepare for the steps that follow. It involves cleansing, scrubbing, and toning/oil control.

2. Skin Correction
The objective of the correction principle is to repair and enhance epidermal renewal, to restore and maintain proper skin barrier function, and to normalize skin color and pigmentation.

3. Skin Stabilization
Stabilization, a new principle in Skin Health Restoration, is a process to regulate, stimulate, repair, and control cellular functions in both the epidermis and the dermis.

4. Skin Stimulation
Stimulation is the process of improving both the epidermis and the dermis. When the combination of correction, stabilization, stimulation, and bleaching and blending are used to treat a disease, the result is general skin repair.

5. Hydration & Calming
The objective of the principle of hydration and calming is to reduce the skin’s dryness, irritation, and the severity of anticipated reactions. Reactions include skin redness, dryness, and peeling.

6. Ultra Violet Light Protection
The objective of the UV Light protection principle is to protect the skin from UV light damage through the use of sunscreens with chemical and/or physical blockers.