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Juvelook- PDLLA Collagen Stimulator


Juvelook is a unique hybrid filler product that combines Poly D, L Lactide and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with particle sizes ranging from 10 to 40 micrometers. It is designed to provide both immediate filling effects of HA and long-lasting effects of Poly D, L Lactide for facial rejuvenation. The ingredients contain a concentration of 42.5 mg of poly D,L lactide and 7.5 mg of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

How does Juvelook work?

Juvelook is injected into the skin using a fine needle. The product is intended to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, restore volume to the face, and improve skin hydration. The Poly D, L Lactide microparticles in the product are said to support collagen production, leading to the improvement of skin texture and firmness over time.

What are the benefits of using Juvelook?

The benefits of using Juvelook include immediate filling effects of HA, long-lasting effects of Poly D, L Lactide, gradual biodegradability, improved skin texture and firmness, reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, restored volume to the face, and improved skin hydration.

What makes Juvelook unique?

It is the polylactic acid for use in the eye area, mesotherapy of the face, neck and neckline. There is no need to massage the post-treatment areas due to the round shape of PDLLA acid molecules and its combination with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The durability of the treatment lasts over 24 months from the last treatment. The effect can be sustained by performing 1 reminder treatment after 18-24 months.

Is Juvelook suitable for everyone?

Juvelook is a cosmetic treatment designed to address specific concerns related to facial aging. It is important to consult with a qualified doctor to determine if Juvelook is the right treatment for you. They can assess your skin condition, discuss your goals, and recommend the best course of treatment.

How long do the effects of Juvelook last?

The duration of the effects of Juvelook may vary from person to person. The product is designed to provide both immediate and long-lasting effects, with gradual biodegradability over time. A qualified doctor can provide more specific information based on individual circumstances.

Are there any potential side effects of using Juvelook?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there may be potential side effects associated with the use of Juvelook. These can include temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. It is important to discuss potential side effects with a doctor before undergoing treatment.

What the procedure looks like?

Before the procedure, the doctor may apply numbing cream with a lidocaine inside. Doctor may use needles or introfill for injection.

What are the areas suitable for Juvelook?

Areas of application

eye area – lower eyelid, crow’s feet, tear valley

facial skin




How to prepare for the treatment?

The treatment with Juvelook does not require any special precautions. Before each treatment, a medical consultation should be carried out in order to assess the condition of the skin and plan treatment areas.

Who is the treatment for?

Due to the moderate concentration of polylactic acid 42.5 mg and hyaluronic acid 7.5 mg, the preparation is intended for the revitalization of large areas of the skin. Most often it is offered to people:

  • who want to brighten and firm their skin for a long time
  • regenerate the eye area
  • get rid of mesh wrinkles
  • permanently tighten and nourish the skin

What to expect immediately after the treatment?

On the first and second day after the procedure, there will be a slight post-treatment swelling, especially in sensitive areas, such as the eye area. The swelling usually subsides by day 3. Mild hematomas may occur due to a large number of punctures.

Is Juvelook suitable for all skin types?

Juvelook is designed to be compatible with various skin types. However, it’s essential to have a consultation with a skincare professional to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

When can I start seeing results?

Clients typically begin to notice improvements as early as 8 weeks post-treatment.

Who is not suitable to Juvelook treatment?

Patient who are

Pregnancy or lactating

Systemic illness

Bleeding disorder or on anticoagulant treatment

Allergic to ingredients contained in Juvelook including glycolic acid

are not suggested for undergoing Juvelook treatment.

What should I beware of after treatment?

After the treatment, there is no need to perform any complicated care activities. It is important not to touch the injection sites, to avoid infecting infections, which may cause complications. It is necessary to refrain from using cosmetics, do not go to the sauna, solarium or swimming pool for a while, and in addition, if possible, they will not appear in the cold or wind, if the injections are made in the cold season, or in the heat, if in summer.

If you play sports, the intensity of physical activity should be reduced after the procedure. When you recover, give up alcohol or tobacco.

Will the Juvelook injection hurt?

You might feel a slight prick during the injection. To reduce discomfort, numbing cream or ice can be applied beforehand.

What is the cost of Juvelook treatment?

It depends on the number of vials you receive. You can contact us to know more.

Where can you get the Juvelook treatment?

If you are interested in Juvelook treatment, you can contact LM SKINCENTRE Hong Kong. Our doctor can assess your condition and give you professional advice.