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Juvederm® VOLUX contains hyaluronic acid (HA) and uses the unique patented VYCROSS® technology1,2. Juvederm® VOLUX contains 25mg/ ml hyaluronic acid which is the highest concentration in the range of Juvederm® products. The product has been specially formulated to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw areafor up to 18-24 months3.

As we get older, several factors can contribute to how the lower face ages including genetics5, soft tissue and bone structure changes6, repetitive facial expressions7 and environmental elements5. Many people start to lose definition around the chin, neck and jawline area8, often changing the shape of the face8.

Interestingly, Allergan research shows that 51% (n = 870) of people want to change their lower face shape4. In other research, women report the ideal lower face shape is a symmetrical, ‘oval’ shape with good proportion, which provides a defined jaw line with clear definition between the neck and chin area9.

Facial shape changes as we age, the loss in fat and collagen around lower face will lead to the appearance of jowls and lose its plumpness. Juvederm® VOLUX is able to redefine the lower face without the need of surgery. The harder gel in Juvederm® VOLUX will give adequate support and volume to restore its youthfulness.

The importance of facial definition

Consumer research shows that 7 in 10 (70% / n = 17,929) of people care about the way their face looks10, and according to many experts the appearance of the lower face can play an important role in our perceived facial attractiveness11.

Beauty is often described using three key tenets: symmetry, balance and harmony12. Some women describe the ideal lower face shape as a defined jawline and a firm, toned chin9.

Juvederm® VOLUX, a structural gel, now provides a treatment option for those want to define the chin and jawline areas1,2.

Like many other facial filler products within the Juvederm® range, Juvederm® VOLUX contains lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience1.

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