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Belotero Revive

belotero revive

Belotero Revive is the hyaluronic acid (H.A.) injection that combines glycerol and H.A. With hygroscopic properties, the two humectants can draw and hold water tightly, keeping the skin plump and hydrated. To enhance its performance, patented CPM™ (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) technology is applied to balance the elasticity, cohesivity and plasticity of H.A., so that it can be better integrated into the skin as well as achieving a long-lasting result. A study shows that there is a significant increase in skin hydration up to 36 weeks after receiving the whole treatment sessions.

Belotero Revive can benefit your skin by:

  • Boosting hydration
  • Improving skin luster
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Reducing skin roughness caused by dryness

Treatment course
Belotero Revive can be injected into the cheek, forehead or other areas suggested by the doctor. The quantity and amount to be injected vary depending on the injection area, skin condition and expectation. Usually, a total of 3 sessions, 2-3 syringes per session with 4 weeks apart is suggested for a boost of hydration which can last up to 36 weeks. Please consult with your doctor to understand the exact amount and quantity you need.

Common side effects
You may experience temporary pain, swelling, discolouration or bruising that will usually disappear within a few days. Infection over the injection site is also possible.