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Happy Lift Thread Lifting

thread face lifting

Happy Lift thread lifting is an effective treatment option for mild sagging of facial skin. This method stands as an alternative to surgical facelifts, ultrasound lifts, and radio-frequency lifts.

What is Thread Lifting? Thread lifting involves using absorbable sutures, a method long used in surgical procedures. These sutures come in varying lengths and are inserted into the facial skin’s fascia layer by professionals. Depending on the skin’s laxity and the type of thread used, the doctor will decide the number of threads to be inserted, ranging from a few to several dozen. These threads anchor onto the facial fascia, concentrating and lifting sagging skin areas to increase skin elasticity and firmness, simultaneously reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, these support threads, primarily made of absorbable material, dissolve and are absorbed and expelled from the skin. The effects of thread lifting typically last from a few months up to 1-2 years.

Relife’s Happy Lift – Rose Threads (Barbed Threads) Our center uses Happy Lift threads by Relife, known for their enhanced efficacy compared to regular smooth thread lifts. Termed as “rose threads” because of their appearance resembling a rose stem with barbs, these threads provide added support and lift. There are variations of these threads, all designed to anchor and lift the skin, offering better results than smooth threads, with minimal invasiveness and immediate visible effects.

Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) by RELIFE Produced by RELIFE, a subsidiary of the Menarini Group – Italy’s largest multinational pharmaceutical company with over 130 years in the industry. Menarini, established in 1886, has long focused on therapeutic drug development in areas like cardiovascular, oncology, and respiratory. Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) represents a decade of research and manufacturing to achieve minimally invasive and effective lifting. It is registered with the EU CE and the Hong Kong Health Department.

Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) threads are absorbable barbed lifting threads. Once inserted, they expand like an umbrella, lifting sagging skin to enhance facial contours, giving a slimming visual effect. These threads also allow for a “J Stitch,” similar to a clothes hanger, to achieve optimal lifting. Over time, ingredients like Poly-L-Lactic Acid and Caprolactone stimulate collagen growth, ensuring longer-lasting skin firmness.

Common Questions About Happy Lift Thread Lifting:

  • How soon can one see the effects after Happy Lift thread lifting? How long does it last? After the procedure, there may be 1-2 weeks of redness, swelling, and unevenness. Once subsided, the effects are visible, typically lasting 1-2 years.
  • Are there areas unsuitable for thread lifting? Commonly treated areas include the upper and lower face and chin. However, neck skin is thinner and more delicate, so thread lifting is not recommended there. Near the eyes, due to thin skin and numerous blood vessels, extra caution is needed.
  • Any side effects post thread lifting? Post-procedure reactions vary per individual and can include swelling, bruising, and temporary facial asymmetry. These usually resolve within 1-2 weeks.
  • Post-lifting care? Follow doctor’s instructions. Please refer to “Precautions.”


  • Swelling or bruising may occur but typically resolves within 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid hard foods like crustaceans and nuts for two weeks.
  • Avoid vigorous activities for two weeks.
  • No facial treatments or massages for two weeks. Avoid sleeping on the side or face-down.
  • Medication or cold compress might be recommended.
  • Report any discomforts immediately to the clinic or doctor.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, scleroderma, lupus, herpes, skin disorders, heart diseases, etc.

*Happy Lift thread lifting is overseen by doctors. Consultation is necessary before undergoing the treatment.

*Cost of Happy Lift thread lifting varies based on the type of thread used. Contact our centre for more details.